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  It's not unusual to be uncomfortable
                  or even scared at the dentist's! 
              while we believe that the best solution 
     is the friendly and trusting relation
                       between doctor and patient,
    but just in case ,
        for our younger patients who are really too young ,
    and grown-up patients who 
                rather be somewhere else!
            we offer mild sedation 
                       of "Laughing gas" right in our office. 

Laughing gas for adults and kids does not put you to sleep or render you unconscious , but rather relaxes you , puts you in a good mood and places a smile on your face. All of that while you are fully awake and thinking "Why am I so relaxed and happy now?" you will be able to talk and communicate and the effects of gas wears off in a minute or so.

Please visit our office for details if you think you or people you know might benefit from laughing gas sedation.

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