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Our office is open most weekdays and most Sundays. We'll be closed on July 4th 6th and 7th. Please call office for more information and make sure appointments are available for your desired date & time!


We do our best to accomodate patients who suffer from acute dental pain or infection whether they are new patients, patients who have no access to their regular dentist or our own long time patients. we are open most Saturdays and Sundays. Please note below:

  • Please call us to make sure we are open and make a same day appointment. Occasionally our office might be closed on weekends due to vacation , maintainance etc.
  • We will examine you to see what could be done to control the emergency situation.
  • Sometimes patients ask for Antibiotics. If our xrays or examination show a need for Antibiotics or strong painkillers, we will write a prescription.
  • If the examination shows no infection, then use of antibiotics is not indicated. When antibiotics are used without indication they won't help the pain. You will experience the side effects of antibiotics without any benefits. Also your germs become resistant to the antibiotics and that will render future use of antibiotics on you (and many other people ) ineffective.
  • Following California law , we are not allowed to issue a prescription to any person who we have not examined.
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